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Specialists in 3D Graphics, Web, and Immersive Technologies since 1999

VirtuWorlds LLC creates VirtuWorlds™: destinations and systems for clients to realize the full power of interactive 3D informatics services and multimedia Web and Web3D platforms. VirtuWorlds' Principals are leaders in Open Standards and Open Source development and have delivered successful projects for clients such as: NIH, Merck, NSF, DOD, Versar, DOE, USDA, and USGS.

3D Enterprises live in a dynamic and exciting ecosystem. Our mission is to bring tools and expertise to bear that build long-term enterprise value with 3D data. VirtuWorlds is an innovator in Web3D graphics, 3D Content Management Systems (CMS), and immersive media delivery: VirtuWorlds™. We work closely with our clients to assess their needs and value structures to architect, develop, and deploy powerful visuo-spatial and informatics solutions. Our cross-cutting requirements discovery process works through essential stakeholders' reckoning with such challenging aspects as: efficiency, durability, portability, and security. In creating user-centered collaborative solutions for interactive 3D worlds, VirtuWorlds works across verticals with a variety of formats and databases to deliver performant content to Web and VR/XR client runtimes. VirtuWorlds™ provide users with rich multimodal and immersive access to their 3D data, regardless of platform- from mobile devices to headsets to CAVE-style projection rooms.

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