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Febuary 22, 2001

Golden Lasso Awards to Vcom3D and Eyematic

The infamous Web3D Roundup presented 13 nominated demos at the Web3D Symposium in Paderborn. They were introduced by Timothy Childs and his 3D video cowboy Avatar. Eric Anschutz was excited to tell us it was a last minute creation made with Eyematic's new toy. It came out very nicely.

We had last year's squeak-a-zugs to yell for a demo and a farting, very noisy, balloon to demonstrate how shitty we thought a demo was. I can tell you we were pretty rude. Anything even remotely to do with games - preferably racing - was good. Should I have expected something different in a room full of kids, excuse me, men? JaRules' Online Music Video didn't make it through the farting noises and Sony's presentation was not in favorable standing with the crowd at the Roundup. Rest assured that the best two demos won... Winners this round were Papillion by Vcom3D and Eyematic by Eyematic.

For those who couldn't make it to Paderborn: The atmosphere was charged with a serious level of highly energetic, yet remorseless fun stirred up by the furry bendable sticks and other toys at the table, the beautifully layed out food luring in the corner of our eyes, and of course the beer party afterwards!

Papillion by Vcom3D, Inc.
Second time in a row winner Vcom3D showed us an excellent piece of VRML/Java technology. Signing Avatar "Maria" looked a bit bored maybe, but the lip-synched speech and the highly interactive lesson to create a 3D butterfly of your own revealed some amazing techniques. Be sure to check them out.

Eyematic by Eyematic
Eyecandy came from Eyematic who presented their human interaction face. All you need is a webcam and a computer to create your own avatars. I know I want it...

Check out all of the entries at the Web3D Roundup.
- Claudia Kool

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