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January 19, 2001

Stuttgart Filmwinter opens Sound Space
Online Exhibition

This year, the annual Stuttgart Filmwinter festival for new media (Jan. 18-21) has a 3D Graphics and Sound event called "Sound-space" which exhibits 5 artworks that combine sound and space in an ambitious way.

The sponsors of the event are, and who connected the chosen artworks in an online multi-user environment for sound exploration and collaboration. The 5 Sound spaces artists created new forms and combinations of communication, spatial perception, sound and 3D objects which users can share and interact with in realtime at the festival or the website.

Besides technological and economical aspects, the Expanded Media Lounge of the Stuttgart Filmwinter will present the cultural factors of 3D Virtual Reality. Important international presenters such as Michael G. Wagner (A/USA) CEO Geometrek, Board of Directors The Web3D Consortium or Kathy Rae Huffman (UK) (Director of Hull Time Based Arts Centre/Board of Directors VRML-Art) and Nick Polys, Vice President VirtuWorlds, Editor The 3Dezine, Board of Directors The Web3D Consortium, will show their work and projects. Nick Polys for example will discuss aspects of user movement and perception specifics in 3D worlds. Kathy Rae Huffman as Co-Director of VRML-Art knows profoundly the Web3D scene. She combines her competence of VR with feminist positions in the net and experience in film and video arts. Michael G. Wagner will describe the possibilities of sound in connection with the 3D browser "Deep Matrix" developed by his organisation Geometrek. In addition the winners of the sound-space-project will be presented, initiated by Wand 5 e.V. and feuersee software GmbH. Sound-space <>combines 3D and sound in artistically ways and makes it possible to experience sound zones and installations in the internet.

The closing presentation will be a Club-Event with VR-Jaying by the Swiss Büro Destruct and the Ocean Club from Berlin with Thomas Fehlmann (Ex-The Orb, Palais Schaumburg) und Gudrun Gut.

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Web3D Symposium February in Germany
(Paderborn, Feb. 19-22)

The Web3D Consortium and SIGGRAPH are jointly sponsoring the annual Web3D Symposium in Paderborn, Germany, 19-22 February, 2001. It will include tutorials, panels, peer-reviewed papers, a trade show, a "German Day" seminar day, a "Commercial Track" seminar day, and the Web3D Roundup.

The objective this year is to make the symposium relevant not only to academics but also to individuals, groups and companies and who have more interest in the business aspects of 3D graphics for the Internet. The consortium is hoping to have several big players presenting at the Commercial Track seminar. So far Sony has committed, and they're working on several more.

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3D Technology Market

* Golden Lasso Awards from the Web 3D Roundup

* SoundSpace Online Multi-User Exhibition

* Sony Approves Conexant Modem Tech for PS2
* Sega Ships Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

* Maya 3 to Ship for Mac OS X
* Mac OS X to Ship March 24
* MultiGen-Paradigm Updates Vega, MultiGen Creator
* RemoteReality, IBM Team to Add Effects to Immersive Images
* Caligari Ships trueSpace 5
* Breeze Factor Updates XML Studio

* S3 Sells Graphics Business and Changes its Name
* Interplay Returns to Operating Profits in Third Quarter

* Web3D 2001 Conference Feb. 19-22 in Paderborn, Germany
* USC Series: Creating for Convergence/Designing for Divergence

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