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February 18, 2001

Awards for Vcom3D and Eyematic
The infamous Web3D Roundup presented 13 nominated demos at the Web3D Symposium in Paderborn. They were introduced by Timothy Childs and his - made at the last minute - 3D video cowboy Avatar. Winners this round were Papillion by Vcom3D and Eyematic by Eyematic. go to Web3D RoundUp article

Web3D Symposium February in Germany (Paderborn, Feb. 19-22)
The Web3D Consortium and SIGGRAPH are jointly sponsoring the annual Web3D Symposium in Paderborn, Germany, 19-22 February, 2001. It will include tutorials, panels, peer-reviewed papers, a trade show, a "German Day" seminar day, a "Commercial Track" seminar day, and the Web3D Roundup. go to Feature Report

Stuttgart Filmwinter opens Sound Space
Online 3D Multi-User Exhibiton! more

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3D Technology Market

* Golden Lasso Awards from the Web 3D Roundup
* SoundSpace Online Multi-User Exhibition

* Sony Approves Conexant Modem Tech for PS2
* Sega Ships Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

* Awards Web3D Roundup
* Maya 3 to Ship for Mac OS X
* Mac OS X to Ship March 24
* MultiGen-Paradigm Updates Vega, MultiGen Creator
* RemoteReality, IBM Team to Add Effects to Immersive Images
* Caligari Ships trueSpace 5
* Breeze Factor Updates XML Studio

* S3 Sells Graphics Business and Changes its Name
* Interplay Returns to Operating Profits in Third Quarter

* Web3D 2001 Conference Feb. 19-22 in Paderborn, Germany
* USC Series: Creating for Convergence/Designing for Divergence

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