Techniques of Perception in VRML97
by n_polys 08_2001


VRML97 is a Deep Media scene description format that allows great flexibility for creating user perceptions. The increasing momentum behind X3D promises even more power as APIs are streamlined and extensible.

  • End-user machines are just crossing the thresholds of power and connectivity to use VRML at an effective frame rate.
  • Learn and stay up-to-date with online resources
  • Contribute to the development of new standards with Web3D WorkingGroups

We look forward to following this up over the next 2 quarters by covering the techniques of Interaction , Integration, and Interoperability in VRML97 and X3D.

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Table of Contents: Abstract

Current features
* Graphical User Interfaces: 2D, 3D, and Web3D
* Techniques of Perception in VRML
Onsite Features- Europe:
* Echtzeit AG
* Lunatic Interactive
* PhilemonWorks

Previous Features
* Interactive Web Graphics with Shout3D Book
* Web3D 2001 Coverage
* Core Web3D Book
* Spazz3D: Authoring-tool
* Game Programming in VRML
* State of the Industry
* The X3D Initiative (2000)
* Alphabet Soup: Our glossary of technical acronyms

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